[Guide] Basic Guidelines for Suggestions

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Basic Guidelines for Suggestions

Things to keep in mind when making a suggestion:
  • Make sure your idea has not already been suggested by another user on the forum.
  • Make sure your thread falls under the category of "Suggestions." Don't suggest that we need to fix a bug here, do that in the Bug Reports section.
How we would like to see suggestions made:
Though we don't have a specific format we would like you to copy and paste, some basic features in your post listed below will definitely help us understand you and​
the community better.
  • A poll would be helpful when making your suggestion. This way, we have a better idea of what the community wants exactly!
  • Please describe in detail what your suggestion is and why you think it's a good idea to implement it. Not only will this clear things up, it'll maybe even persuade us to add your suggestion!
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