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    minecraft xd

    minecraft xd
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    This plugin definitely seems cool but doesn't exactly fit with the theme of our server. As a goal, we have always tried to keep our server as close to the roots of vanilla Minecraft as we can. Of course, we have plugins, but plugins only to create more community engagement and prevent griefers...
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    [Guide] Basic Guidelines for Suggestions

    Basic Guidelines for Suggestions Things to keep in mind when making a suggestion: Make sure your idea has not already been suggested by another user on the forum. Make sure your thread falls under the category of "Suggestions." Don't suggest that we need to fix a bug here, do that in the Bug...
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    Server Rules

    Server Rules Chat Rules: These rules do not apply to private messages. If someone is bothering you, please use /ignore <name>! No spamming No advertising No excessive swearing - some swearing is allowed No offensive language (racial slurs, dirty insults, etc.) No excessive CAPS Do not...
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    [Format] Bug Reports

    Bug Report Format If you believe you've found a bug on the server, please copy and paste the format below and make a thread on this forum to report it! Where did this bug occur? Please provide coordinates and the world it occurred in. (ex. -493, 729 in the Nether) What does this bug do? Have...
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    baileythethot - who are we?

    ★ Welcome, player! You're probably wondering what this server is and why it has such a peculiar name. Thankfully, we'll explain all of that in detail. About Us We originally started the server as just a place to hang out with friends, but recently has expanded beyond that, allowing new players...