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Welcome, player! You're probably wondering what this server is and why it has such a peculiar name. Thankfully, we'll explain all of that in detail.

About Us
We originally started the server as just a place to hang out with friends, but recently has expanded beyond that, allowing new players from all around the world to join our server. We started out as a purely vanilla server but added plugins to provide for players' needs and provide a better experience for everyone overall. While the server itself has changed, the IP Address and name have not. The IP Address has come a long way, starting out as a fundraiser for the Music Department at our high school, where we raised a bit of money by selling merch branded with our teacher's name, which is of course, Mr. Bailey. We started this out of respect for the work he does, his ability to take jokes and his personality in general. The word thot is often associated with people quite the opposite of Mr. Bailey, who is a skinny, tall and classy man who teaches English at a high school. However, that's exactly the point. People were thrilled to hear about the release of Bailey Merch, as we would call it, and even more thrilled to hear the name of the website, baileythethot. We made sales from that and successfully raised quite a bit of money for our school, and we're proud of that. It's hard to see a Minecraft server being associated with a high school teacher, but that's what we're all about; breaking boundaries, and well... being different.

The Actual Server
As of now, we're simply an SMP or Survival Multiplayer server with a few essential features that increase player engagement and keep the essence of Vanilla Minecraft present on our server. Building a community willing to interact with each other and most importantly, help each other out, has always been a large part of our goal for this server, and as we expand, we hope to keep that goal at the top of our priority list.

  • Player Based Economy - Focusing on players, we don't have a shop that players can buy infinite items from, but rather have an economy that is completely player based. Players are able to buy items from other players' shops, and advanced trading systems and sign shops that will be explained later make this easy.
  • Player Warps - Increasing player engagement, players will be able to set and warp to other players' builds using a simple command. An easy-to-use GUI makes traveling to other players an ease and something you definitely want to try out!
  • Claims - Griefing is not a concern to us, and it should not be a concern to you either! With an up to date claiming system, players can claim their land, which protects them against all forms of griefing. Vote rewards and playtime rewards make getting claim blocks easy, so you don't have to worry about building in a confined space!
  • Server Map - A map of the entire server is live on our website. Navigate to the top of your screen and click "map" to see!
  • Advanced PvP System - While we don't want to disable PvP, we don't want to enable it completely as well. Luckily, we have a solution. Using the /pvp toggle command, players can enable PvP and will be indicated by red particles around their feet. However, both parties are required to run the command before they can fight!
  • Trade System - Preventing scams, this feature makes to super easy and efficient to trade. Unlike other servers, you can not only trade items, but also trade XP, money, and claim blocks, all within a simple GUI!
  • Sign Shop System - A sign shop system makes it easy to set up player shops and make money on the server that you can spend on other players' shops!
  • Disguises - By donating to the server, you will receive the disguises indicated on the store which you can troll other players with or just have as a fun cosmetic!
  • Voting Rewards - Voting will give you crate keys that you can use at spawn and receive cool rewards for!
  • Crates - Crates are obtainable by donating on the store or voting, which will not only give you a vote crates, but also give you a chance to win Todd Keys, which you can win Thot Keys from!
If you ever want to share the server with friends so you can play together, here are some links to not only our server, but also our Discord and much more!

IP Address:

Thanks for checking out this thread! Hope to see you on the server sometime!

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